On Friday we made jelly – our favourite food starting with the letter ‘j’. We started by emptying a packet of jelly crystals into a mixing bowl.




We started a word list so we could remember all the fantastic words we used to describe our jelly.



We poured warm water into the jelly to dissolve the jelly crystals. Warm water works better than cold, because the jelly dissolves faster!



We all got to have a turn stirring the jelly to make sure all those little crystals were dissolved.



With our new visualiser, we can show what is happening on our interactive white board. We love it because it helps us learn.




Once the jelly had dissolved, we all got to try a tiny bit of jelly-water to see what it tasted like.



It was so delicious that we wanted more.



But the rest of the jelly-water had to go into our jelly moulds, so that it could go and set in the fridge.





After lunch (when our jellies had been in the fridge for a few hours) it was time to taste!



We loved eating our jellies!




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