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This week in news we have been telling our classmates all about our grandparents. We have been using visual organisers to help us prepare our thoughts so that we have lots to talk about during our presentations.


Click the play button below to listen to Kareen tell us about her grandma


[audio:|titles=Kareen News 23rd May 2012]




Click the play button below to listen to Elijah tell us about his grandpa


[audio:|titles=Elijah 23rd May 2012]




Click the play button below to listen to Jonathan tell us about his grandpa


[audio:|titles=Jonathan News 23rd May 2012]


This week we are thinking hard about the sound M. We thought of mouse, money, music, muffin, mask, and many others.




This morning we looked at pictures of some of the incredible m-m-masks worn at the Venice Carnival.




During the afternoon we learned how to draw a m-m-monster.  A sea monster!


First we drew blue lines with a wavy motion, to represent the ocean…




Next, each of us had to decide whether our monster would be red or green. Then we drew our monster’s head on the left-hand side of the page.




A monster with a head also needs a body! Our sea monster has a very long body, which rises above and falls below the water.


Our monster also needed horns, to make it extra scary.




Next we gave our sea monster big sharp spines, which it uses to protect itself from other sea-monsters.




Finally, we gave our pictures some detail: scales on our monster…




…red shading for our monster, and blue shading for the sea.




When we had finished, we shared our excellent work with the rest of the class.




At home time there was a delicious surprise in store for us: m-m-marshmallows!



We had an exciting day learning about the letter ‘M’.


Every week all the Kindergarten classes meet in the hall for an assembly. We sing some songs, ask questions and try to guess what’s in the mystery bag and then show our good work. We are very good listeners aren’t we?