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We are having our classrooms painted and everything is looking very colourful. KW have created their own wonderful designs using a program called This is Sand. We logged on to the internet using our user name and password and then used Google to find This is Sand. We chose our colours and let the digital sand drift down to make our own special picture. Everyone’s picture was different and it was exciting comparing pictures with friends.


Thanks to Mrs Poulins Kindergarten class for reminding us about This is Sand.

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Here’s a little activity to keep you busy. Read the words at the bottom of the box and try to find them in the puzzle. When you find a word click on the first letter and then click on the last letter. The word lights up and then gets crossed off the list. Can you find them all? It’s tricky!

Press F11 on the keyboard to see a full screen.

Click on the picture to play.

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Click on Caz to hear her new message.

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