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Paper Chains!

We made paper chains using lots of different coloured paper. Can you see the patterns in our chains?





After comparing and measuring our chains with others in the class we joined all our chains together to make one long chain.


Our long chain



We wanted to know how long our chain was so we stretched it out across the playground.



It was REALLY long!




We measured our chain by walking along the length of the chain and counted how many footsteps we took from the start to the end.



Some of us counted 40 steps…



…some counted 47 steps…



…and others counted 51 steps!



Why? We think the reason for the difference is that some people took small steps and some people took longer steps.


Later we all held hands and stretched out along the chain. We discovered it takes 28 children holding hands to stretch from the start of the chain to the end.

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Eggcellent News!

At news time we talked about the wonderful creations we made using egg cartons.

Caylum made a ‘Critter’ mobile.




Lars made a crocodile.



Great work everyone!


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Tiger Trouble at School!


KW have been reading the story My Sloppy Tiger Goes to School  by Joy Cowley


We constructed a recount of the story together:


My Sloppy Tiger Goes to School is about a tiger who gets into trouble at school. When Sloppy Tiger sees the computer he hits all the keys at once and all the paper comes flying out of the printer. Sloppy Tiger eats all the books so the teacher has to put them on a high shelf. He gets paint everywhere and he walks in the paint. The Sloppy Tiger sings so loudly the children say “tigers are not allowed to sing”. The playground is the best place for the Sloppy Tiger because it is a bigger space than the classroom and has lots of room for him to run around.

We had fun imagining what trouble the Sloppy Tiger would get into if he came to our school.


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Last week, as part of our shared reading, we studied the story of The Tiny Woman’s Coat by Joy Cowley.
We all drew a character or setting from the story. We put the pictures into the computer and on to our Smartboard. We moved them around to retell the story.
When we recorded the story we concentrated very hard to make sure we remembered our lines.
On with the show…



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This week Kindifarm came to visit. Farmer Katrina showed us all the animals and we got to feed them. There were goats, lambs, ducks, chicks, a pig, a rabbit and a calf – that’s a baby cow!



Here we are having lots of fun learning about the animals.



We had a great time!

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Wibble Wobble Jelly!

On Friday we made jelly – our favourite food starting with the letter ‘j’. We started by emptying a packet of jelly crystals into a mixing bowl.




We started a word list so we could remember all the fantastic words we used to describe our jelly.



We poured warm water into the jelly to dissolve the jelly crystals. Warm water works better than cold, because the jelly dissolves faster!



We all got to have a turn stirring the jelly to make sure all those little crystals were dissolved.



With our new visualiser, we can show what is happening on our interactive white board. We love it because it helps us learn.




Once the jelly had dissolved, we all got to try a tiny bit of jelly-water to see what it tasted like.



It was so delicious that we wanted more.



But the rest of the jelly-water had to go into our jelly moulds, so that it could go and set in the fridge.





After lunch (when our jellies had been in the fridge for a few hours) it was time to taste!



We loved eating our jellies!





George from KA has a pet goat. The goat’s name is George too! George the goat is one week old. He is very cute and so well behaved. He let us pat him and feel his little horns. He has hooves, not feet and drinks milk but he is not a jumping goat. His hair is soft and grey. We think George is very lucky to have his own pet goat! Thank you to George’s mum for bringing him to school, we had a great time!




Fun at PE!

This week we practised our skipping. It’s a bit tricky trying to turn a rope and jump at the same time!





This week in news we have been telling our classmates all about our grandparents. We have been using visual organisers to help us prepare our thoughts so that we have lots to talk about during our presentations.


Click the play button below to listen to Kareen tell us about her grandma


[audio:|titles=Kareen News 23rd May 2012]




Click the play button below to listen to Elijah tell us about his grandpa


[audio:|titles=Elijah 23rd May 2012]




Click the play button below to listen to Jonathan tell us about his grandpa


[audio:|titles=Jonathan News 23rd May 2012]


M, M, Monsters!

This week we are thinking hard about the sound M. We thought of mouse, money, music, muffin, mask, and many others.




This morning we looked at pictures of some of the incredible m-m-masks worn at the Venice Carnival.




During the afternoon we learned how to draw a m-m-monster.  A sea monster!


First we drew blue lines with a wavy motion, to represent the ocean…




Next, each of us had to decide whether our monster would be red or green. Then we drew our monster’s head on the left-hand side of the page.




A monster with a head also needs a body! Our sea monster has a very long body, which rises above and falls below the water.


Our monster also needed horns, to make it extra scary.




Next we gave our sea monster big sharp spines, which it uses to protect itself from other sea-monsters.




Finally, we gave our pictures some detail: scales on our monster…




…red shading for our monster, and blue shading for the sea.




When we had finished, we shared our excellent work with the rest of the class.




At home time there was a delicious surprise in store for us: m-m-marshmallows!



We had an exciting day learning about the letter ‘M’.