Zone Cross Country

Last Wednesday 63 students from Eastwood Public School went down to the Meadowbank Park and represented Eastwood proudly at the Ryde Zone Cross Country Carnival .

The students jumped on the bus to Meadowbank Park while the wind was freezing cold. Huge gusty winds blew as every student tried to keep warm.

The first race was the 8/9 yrs girls 2km race. Eastwood started off well as the whistle was blown. Anxious to support Eastwood, we all cheered on the girls. Not long after the start, Eastwood arrived to cross the finish line in 3rd place.

We watched and cheered many fast Eastwood students as they crossed the finish line.

At the presentations, Eastwood’s 8/9 yr old boys ended up winning a 3rd place ribbon.  Two Eastwood students were fast enough to get themselves into the top 6. These students had qualified for the Regional Carnival. Congratulations!!

The 63 students who represented Eastwood should be proud of themselves. You did Eastwood proud and you also did yourselves proud.  Congratulations to all 63 students from Eastwood Public School!

Report written by Chloe

Red Riding Hood

Next term, Year 6 is going to perform a musical called The Real Story of Red riding Hood. The auditions for the part of Red Riding Hood were held during Thursday lunchtime. Many of the talented Year 6 girls turned up ready to read a part of the script and sing either , It’s Nice to Be Nice or That Wasn’t the Way it Was, two of the songs that will be sung during the musical. All the girls had voices like nightingales and were very talented at acting. Congratulations to Nina  who is Bad Red Riding Hood and to Eloise  who is Good Red Riding Hood. For a fantastic night filled with talented singers, actors and dancers, come along to the Year 6 musical! 

by Jessie

Water Ballet

Today, Years 3 to 6 attended a performance in the hall after lunch. A man called Paul came and performed an attention-grabbing act about water. We were entertained by his characters and when he went back in time in his time machine. We met Granny Smith, Charles Jester a teacher, and Bill the ranger. Every time we travelled to a different time, we would have to shout out time travellers. All the way through, we learnt about interesting uses of water, the water cycle through the Water Ballet, and what is usually found in polluted water. Everybody had a enjoyable time.

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