Sister School

Eastwood Public School has joined with Ilwol Elementary School in Korean. Through the use of a range of technologies, the schools will provide opportunities for students from both schools to interact, learning from each other and establishing friendships.

Sharing of information, resources, ideas and photos will be through an Edmodo website.

Ilwol Elementary School

ilwolThe Ilwol Elementary School is located in Suwon city, Gyeonggi-do, where is famous for the Whaseong Fortress, the World Cultural Heritage. The school was established in 1999. There are 835 students, 30 classes and 38 teachers. The Ilwol Elementary School has been designated as a Creative-personality Model School and Creative-management School since 2012. The Korean Ministry of Education selected the Ilwol Elementary school as one of the top 100 best schools in Korea last year.

The school motto is “Global Leader Education (GREENPlay Ed.)” GREENPlay Ed. is a coinage of the Education with Ground (Basis), Reading, English and Play. The school tries to train a competent leader who can join in the world.

There are beautiful lake and park near the school. Students have environmental friendly learning near at this lake. Students plant seeds and produce a farm and they enjoy sharing vegetables such as sweet potatoes with their family.

School Principle: Kim Hyun Jin
School Address:   27-16  Ilwolcheon-ro Gwonseon-gu, Suwon  Gyeonggi-do
School Phone: 82-31-298-4301