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Student Welfare

Student Welfare is everyone’s concern. It pervades the whole curriculum and all school activities. A comprehensive policy is maintained and observed continually and relates to such items as:

  • Child Protection
  • School rules and supervision of students
  • Discipline and safety
  • Good citizenship
  • Ceremonies and awards.

Student CouncilThe Student Council has two functions. Primarily it is the voice of the students in the running of the school. Items of concern to the students are discussed at class level and these are brought by Councillors to the monthly council meeting where they are addressed, listed and carried to the appropriate authority to deal with them. Councillors report to classes about the actions taken.

The second function is to organise fund raising for the charities it decides to support, one of which will always be Stewart House.

Student Councillors are elected by classes (Years Two to Six) at the beginning of each semester. An alternate delegate, the child polling second highest, also attends meetings, but can vote only if the Councillor is absent.

A counsellor is scheduled to visit the school regularly each week, providing support and guidance for all aspects of student development – emotional, social, intellectual and physical.

Our Counsellor is a registered psychologist who is readily available for parent interviews by appointment. Ring the school office for an appointment.

A Support Teacher Learning Assistance (STLA Teacher) works mainly in a collaborative, consultative role with school staff, other support personnel, families and appropriate members of the wider school community. Children who are part of the program are assisted by their parents and teachers who have ready access to the Support Teacher’s guidance in developing appropriate programs. Parent helpers are trained to assist.

The program is funded with the support of the school P&C.

Eastwood WoodiesThe School Awards system is designed to provide individual students with positive recognition of their effort, achievement and progress during the current school year across a range of skills and activities. The intent of the system is to encourage each student to strive for her/his ‘personal best’ and not as a behaviour management system.


Students are recognised for effort, achievement and performance at Eastwood Public School.

For a complete overview of the School awards, download a copy.

In Eastwood Public School every person has a right to feel safe. Any person who bullies another is denying them that right. The school will not tolerate any action that undermines a person’s right to feel safe, and it will take whatever steps are necessary to endeavour to stop such behaviour.

A major priority for the school is the care and safety of students. Students learn best in environments in which they feel safe. Every student has the right to expect that they will spend the day both in and out of the classroom free from bullying. Conversely, students have the responsibility to behave in a way that does not interfere with this right. The expectation is that students will not participate in violence, discrimination, harassment or intimidation.

Parents and carers should contact the school immediately to discuss any concerns about bullying behaviour.

Further information about anti-bullying practices can be found in the following documents.