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P&C Association – Elected Members 2018
The P&C meeting was successfully held last Wednesday, 14th February. On behalf of the P&C, we’d like to thank all the parents and teachers that had given up their valuable time on the night.

This year’s new Committee has been elected as follows:

President:  Sally Fong
Vice President: Winnie Cheung
Secretary: Vijay Kumar
Treasurer: Jade Zhang

Special thanks to our 2017 P&C Association, Tim Radnidge (President), Jenny Li (Treasurer), Whitney Jiang (Secretary) and the sub-committee for all your dedication and commitment you have provided to our children at EPS.

Our next P&C meeting will be held Wednesday, 21st March at 7.30pm. We welcome all parents and anyone who is interested from the school community to attend. The P&C is a group of school parents who work together to improve the school experiences for all students and families. We would love for you to come along to our upcoming meeting. We will be in the same building as the school office at the opposite end.

If you wish to contact us or learn how to be involved, please email us at


Canteen Orders Through Qkr!
We’re launching Qkr for our canteen orders. Thanks to Cindy Liu, Haixia Ren and all the canteen ladies for making this happen. Please read the information in the Canteen section for more details.

The Parents & Citizens’ Association (P&C) at Eastwood School would like to welcome all new families to our wonderful and vibrant school community. The P&C works closely with the school executive and staff in a highly valuable way and to the benefit of all students and their families. We are a community-minded voluntary organisation and welcome the support of all parents – there are many opportunities for you to assist, regardless of skill, language or background. We have prepared this booklet for new families. It provides a brief overview of:

What the P&C does at Eastwood Public;
How we raise money;
Where our funds are spent; and
How parents can become involved.
We hope you find the information helpful and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Download the Welcome to our school document

Tim Radnidge – P&C President

Email P&C:
Email school: