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On behalf of the P&C, thank you to the many families who have made donations in the last couple of months. Each year Voluntary Contributions provide funding to our school children in many areas. We really value your generous contributions. If you have not yet made contributions this year but still would like to contribute, please send it to the Office directly.
We would also like to thank Rachel Cheung and Jenny Li who helped to process the contributions this year. They spent many hours on processing the payments each week and we really appreciate it!
Tim Radnidge
P&C President

Spring Fair News
Please see the attached Spring Fair Week 6 newsletter for all the latest information regarding the Spring Fair.

Spring Fair 2017 Committee
Want to be a part of  the Spring Fair 2017 Committee? The Spring Fair is one of the most fun and hugely anticipated days for our children and a highly rewarding event for the entire Eastwood School Community. We are gearing up to building a wonderful committee of parents who would love to be a part of this event again.

 This is what we are looking for…

You love organising.
 You enjoy working together with parents just like you.
 You have loads of enthusiasm. 
 And you have an hour to spare each week.

If this sounds like you so far, then please email Shilpa on or call on 0424480613.

 Shilpa and Atul
 Co-Convenors Spring Fair 2017

Looking for the next Spring Fair convenor
Spring Fair is a major event which happens every year at our school. We have over 700 volunteers who help make the day a success and thousands of people come through our gates to enjoy this event.
For the past 3 years, school parents Shilpa and Atul have done a fantastic job in ensuring that the day is a big success. The role they take on is the Spring Fair convenor and this role is responsible for coordinating, planning and overseeing all of the activities for Spring Fair. This role is challenging but also extremely rewarding when the day arrives. This year will be the last Spring Fair that Shilpa and Atul will be in the convenor role, as they are year 6 parents.
We are looking to find someone to take on the role of Spring Fair convener for 2018. If you are interested, now is an excellent opportunity to spend time with Shilpa and Atul in their final year to see what is required in this role.
If you have any questions or you are interested in finding out more about the role please contact me via the P&C email at

Volunteers and Helpers Needed for P&C

The school P&C runs a number of activities in the school including Canteen, Uniform shop and fundraising to improve the school for our children. We are a group of parents who volunteer our time to make our school a great place for our children.

Next year the P&C will have several areas where we need people who are willing to help during 2017. If you have good accounting skills or can help with communications or help with organising our meetings, we very much need your help. This would require a couple of hours every week during school term during 2017.
We have other parent helpers around who can guide and assist anyone who is new and this is a rewarding experience, with all of the work going directly to benefit our school.
If you would like more information on what roles will be available or information on the required commitment, please contact myself at

In 2016 the school P&C helped to deliver a large amount of investment into the school including a new grass area, new play equipment, $30,000 worth of new computers and the new floor covering in front of the hall. We work to benefit all children across all grades. Please consider helping the P&C and making the school a better place for our children.

School Front

Tim Radnidge
P&C President Eastwood Public School

The Parents & Citizens’ Association (P&C) at Eastwood School would like to welcome all new families to our wonderful and vibrant school community. The P&C works closely with the school executive and staff in a highly valuable way and to the benefit of all students and their families. We are a community-minded voluntary organisation and welcome the support of all parents – there are many opportunities for you to assist, regardless of skill, language or background. We have prepared this booklet for new families. It provides a brief overview of:

What the P&C does at Eastwood Public;
How we raise money;
Where our funds are spent; and
How parents can become involved.
We hope you find the information helpful and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Download the Welcome to our school document

Tim Radnidge – P&C President

Email P&C:
Email school:

2017 Class lists
The Family Social Club has begun collecting names for the Class lists. In the past parents have found the Class Lists to be extremely useful for play dates, party invitations, emergency contacts etc. If you would like to add your details to the class lists, please use the link below to an online form. This will be closed off shortly to collate the information. Thanks to all the parents who have already added their details.​

If you have any concerns or questions with regards to the 2017 class lists please contact Winnie Cheung at