Music News

End of Year Concert and Community Service by EPS Musicians

Huge congratulations to all the musicians who performed at the End of Year Concert. This is a reflection on all the work that has been put in by students, tutors and parents. A little dedication goes a long way! Junior Strings and Senior Strings also had wonderful performances last week at KU Preschool in Eastwood and Southern Cross Aged Village in Marsfield respectively. The gift of music and season’s greetings were well received and appreciated. Thank you to all the parents who helped with transportation for all the children and also all through the year with the running of the program.

Carols Breakfast – It’s this Friday 8th December at 8:30am

All students and families are welcome to come and celebrate Christmas together at the annual Carols Breakfast! Bring an empty stomach, a few dollars and your festive mood! Free breakfast for children in the bands and ensembles as well as our very hard-working teachers, staff and conductors. Please see the Carols Breakfast flyer for more details.

Instrument Hire Returns

Instructions for the return of instruments has been sent to everyone in the bands and ensembles via email. If there are any queries, please let me know. Please remember that continuing students who have hired an instrument for a year or more will need to return it and make arrangements to either hire or purchase an instrument. We recommend Musicorp

Upcoming Events/Performances

Carols Breakfast (all welcome to a wonderful and affordable breakfast; CB/TB/SS/JS members enjoy a free breakfast; Concert Band members will be performing too) – Friday 8th December 8:30am-9:10am

Individual lessons – This is a reminder that if your child is currently in an ensemble or in the bands, they MUST be having individual lessons, either from one of the tutors available at school, or ones privately chosen by you.

Auditions for 2018 String Ensembles – These are continuing this week. Signup sheets are already up so there is still time to audition. Please remember:
If your child successfully auditions for any ensemble, attendance to all performances is compulsory. If your child is in senior strings failure to attend performances will mean a demotion to the Junior Strings.
All Senior Strings students are required to re-audition.

Contact Details

Music Program Coordinator – Lina Diaz (, 0407 191 592

Have a wonderful week,
Lina Diaz
EPS Music Program Coordinator

Auditions for 2018 String Ensembles

Please familiarise yourself with the requirements below. Signup sheets are up around the hall near the Music Noticeboard. Auditions are continuing this week.

Audition requirements are as follows:

1. Junior Strings Audition Requirements

  • 1 one-octave scale and 1 one-octave arpeggio of own choosing
  • 1 piece of music of own choosing (AMEB preliminary level equivalent as a minimum)
  • Sight-reading

2. Senior Strings Audition Requirements

  • 1 two-octave scale and its arpeggio in major key of own choosing
  • 1 two-octave scale and its arpeggio in minor key of own choosing
  • 1 piece of music of own choosing (AMEB grade 2 or equivalent as a minimum)
  • Sight-reading

2018 Music Camp – The Music Camp is an integral part of the Music Program run by the P&C at EPS. This is a P&C run and led event which is supported by the school, but it is not a school run activity. We are looking at options for next year’s camp as with the current arrangement, since the camp is normally run during school hours, the children would be marked as being absent from school. Kindly complete the survey below so that we can plan for this crucial event. 

Band Instrument Tutors
Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone/Trumpet/Cornet/Oboe/Trombone/Lower Brass: Tony Gardner – experienced tutor, conductor 0412 686 814, $40/half hr
Flute: Melissa Hoile – AMEB Examiner, 0417 262 688, $39/half hr
Yeri Kim – 6 years of tutoring, 0433 082 090, $35/half hr or $70/hr
Keyboard/Bass Guitar: Gabrielle Hiu: 4th year Syd Conservatorium, 0423 152 011, $25/half hr or $40/hr
Drumkit: David Smith – experienced tutor, 0424 616 394, $40/half hr
David Beeston, 0404 027 272, $35/ half hr or $70/hr

If your child doesn’t attend rehearsals because of illness, there are no refunds. The same applies if you go away for holidays etc. Once you make the commitment for your child to attend, there are no refunds as the music program has had to make the commitment to ensure that a conductor is available and we need to cover their fees. If your child changed over from another ensemble to training band, the money you paid for the other ensemble will be transferred over to the training band fee.

Rehearsal Schedules 
Concert Band – Monday 3:15pm to 4:15pm and Wednesday 8.00am to 9.00am, School Hall
Training Band – Thursday 8.00am to 9.00am, School Hall
Senior Strings – Monday 8.00am to 9.00am, School Hall
Junior Strings – Thursday 3:15pm to 4:15pm, School Hall

Music Committee 2017
Thanks to the wonderful parents who have volunteered to be a part of the 2017 Music Committee:- 
Secretary – Winnie Cheung
Treasurer – Cindy Liu
Instrument Hire Co-ordinator – Malo Bhale
Rehearsal Supervisors:
Junior Strings: Connie Tang, Eliza Au, Sarah Nguyen 
Senior Strings: Rita Lee, Loretta Wong 

Senior Choir 2017
Any student from Stage 3 may join the Senior Choir.  This year rehearsals will take place on Thursdays at lunchtime in the Music Room, and 30 minutes in class time. Students will eat their lunch then come to the Music Room when the play bell goes at 1.20pm. 

During the year we perform at: K-6 Assembly, The Epping Club, Eastwood School Concert, Stage 3 Presentation Day
Following our video audition last year, we have been accepted into the Festival of Choral Music, which performs at the Opera House on 7th November! Our school is allowed to take 36 students only. These 36 will be chosen mostly from Year 6, but some may be chosen from Year 5. They will be chosen on their commitment to weekly rehearsals, their maturity and attitude in rehearsal, their learning of the songs, and their ability to sing in tune.
These students will be out of the classroom on two school days:
City schools rehearsal at the Salvation Army Hall in town – Thursday, 31st August and concert rehearsal day Tuesday, 7th November.  The concert is 7pm.  These days are compulsory.  Please check your diaries now, so that if your child is unable to attend, another student may do so.
Ms Brown
Senior Choir Teacher

Music for Stage 2
Students in Years 3 and 4 learn recorder in their Music Classes.  The preferred descant recorder is Yamaha YRS-24B which can be purchased at good music stores, but can also be bought from the school for $8.  If you have a recorder at home, that’s fine – use that one.  Often an older brother, sister or cousin may have one – your child may be able to borrow it from them. Mrs Forster and Ms Brown will give out envelopes for students to fill in if they would like to buy one from the school.  Put the completed envelope in the office post box, tell a Music teacher, and a recorder will be issued to you.

Stage 2 students need to bring a plastic sleeved folder to music, to get the sheets that will be given out.  Folders and recorders may go home for practice, but students are reminded to put them straight back in their bags so that they come back to school for Music.

Ms Brown and Mrs Forster 
Music Teachers

Music Performances  for K-6  2017
Every alternate year we invite Music Viva to perform at Eastwood Public School.  Each performance is the culmination of a term’s work in the Music Room, and in the classrooms preparing for the concert.  It is a vital part of every Eastwood student’s music education. 
This year the two groups performing for us are:
Zeeko, on Tuesday 29th August, and Arcadia Winds on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st November.
Parents and other community members are warmly invited to these concerts – for free!
There will be more information about these concerts in the school newsletter closer to the time.

Ms Brown  
Music Viva Coordinator