Robotics Report

On the 9th of November the EPS Robotics teams went to Baulkham Hills North Public School to attend the First Lego League competition. The Robotics teams learned many different skills including teamwork, never give up, gracious professionalism and try our very best. Everyone enjoyed their time at Baulkham Hills North Public School and we look forward to the next robotics competition next year. Our robotics team 1 placed 10th out of 27 and team 2 placed 13th out of 27 on their robots table challenge. The project research team on hydro dynamics did very well too.

“I learned that teamwork and hard work are the key to success.” Amaaya Chowdhury 5G

“I learned that teamwork is important in every situation.” Chloe Liang-Benn 5L

“I learned that it is important to be a team and to have fun.” James Chi 5/6S

We wanted to thank Branden Tse’s mum for joining us, helping and supporting us.

By Chloe and Elijah