Canteen Orders

Click here to see the menu for Week 5. Please order before Friday 23rd February.

Online Ordering for PSSA

If your child currently orders lunch online and they will be participating in PSSA sport this year, please create a second profile on QKR, your online ordering system. As you cannot use the same name for your second profile you will need to change it just a little, eg. Jane or John will now become JanePSSA or JohnPSSA. Then complete your order as normal.

When ordering Monday to Thursday, please use your first profile only. Use your PSSA profile when ordering on Fridays if your child is going to PSSA sport. This should guarantee their lunch will be ready in time for them to catch the bus to sport. 

If you have any queries please come to the canteen so we can help you.


Firstly, P & C and canteen staff would like to thank all students and parents for their patronage of our canteen, as usual it is extremely busy but we love making sure your children are fed.

We would just like to draw your attention to a few changes that will be happening in the new year.

1. The system we currently have of giving accounts out in the mornings will no longer be available, as we now have 3 different methods of payment (online ordering, our express box which uses exact money and over the counter orders). The manual account system is time consuming and incurs other costs.

2. $50.00 notes CAN NOT be accepted at any time (unless your order is $40.00 or more) as with the new online system we now get a lot less money in to be able to give out change.

3. For the children who come to school without recess/lunch or without any money, the canteen will supply them with a piece of seasonal fruit.

4. All online orders must be done by 8.30 in the morning and over the counter sales by 9.30am.

We realise these changes will take a little time and there will of course be a grace period for everyone to get used to it.

Everyone at the canteen and of course P & C wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and safe holidays and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.

P & C – Canteen staff

Ordering Through Qkr!

Parents and students can now order food ONLINE from the canteen using a mobile APP called Qkr! For those of you who have used Qkr! to purchase school uniforms or make other P&C payments, you’ll now notice Canteen has been added onto the list. For parents who are new to Qkr! you can set it up by following the attached guide.

Once you have Qkr! ready, you’ll be able to order by selecting Canteen within the APP. The rest of the ordering process is very similar to other online shopping experiences that you may have had so far, however, you’ll notice that while you can easily pre-order online for up to two weeks you MUST order before 8:30am for the same day. This may be optimized as more parents start to use the APP so please stay tuned.

In addition, as with over the counter ordering, the Sushi, Tasty Tuesday and Chicken Nuggets still need to be ordered the week before and QKR will not let you order these things for the current week.

As we introduce this new service, parents with questions can email Cindy ( or ask Jo and the team in person over the counter at the canteen during normal opening hours. We hope that this service will make life easier and better for the parents and students in our community.

Canteen Hours

Canteen hours are 8.30am to 2.00pm. Lunch orders must be in by 9.30 am, this ensures your child will get their order.
For the weekly specials your orders must be put in by 11.00 am on the Friday before. The date is always on top of the order form.
The food on the specials menu has to be ordered from our suppliers so we cannot accept orders on the day. There is no refund on sushi or rice paper rolls, as these items are purchased from suppliers and already paid for.

Click  here for Canteen Menu.

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We regret that we are unable to change $50 notes first thing in the morning.
We would like to remind parents that lunch orders are accepted until 9.30am.  In case of emergency, a lunch order can be ordered over the phone and an account will be sent home with your child.  The Canteen will also refund any lunch money if they receive a cancellation before 10.00am.