Sports Update

Boys T-ball won 9 – 0. Player of the Match: Brendan
Girls T-ball won 11 – 5. Player of the match: Shreeya
Boys Softball lost 9 – 0. Player of the match: James C.
Girls Softball won 9 – 0. Player of the Match: Samantha
Junior Cricket won 130 – 94. Player of the match: Thomas
Senior Cricket won 1/64 – 7/57. Player of the match: Arav
Junior Newcombe ball lost 2 – 1. Player of the Match: Audrey
Senior Newcombe ball won 3 – 0. Player of the Match: Leo
Volleyball won 2 – 0. Player of the Match: Edward

There will be no PSSA this week due to the Ryde Spectacular rehearsal.

Swimming School
Our annual school swimming program will be run in Weeks 3 and 4 (23rd October to 3rd November). As costs have been worked out and paid in advance based on all children paying for the 10 day program, no refunds can be given for partial attendance over the two weeks.

Children in Years 2-6 should come to school dressed in their swimmers under their uniform. 5G, 5B, 4A, 2A and 2G need to be at school at 8:35am as their bus leaves at 8:40am. Children should bring their towel, hairbrush and underwear in a plastic bag, so they can change out of their swimmers after the lesson. Children are permitted to wear sandals to and from the pool for the next two weeks only. Whilst at school they should wear school shoes. Please LABEL all your child’s belongings.

All students attending the swimming program at Ryde Aquatic Centre need to wear a swimming cap. Buying a cap in the colour of your child’s house colour would be useful for the school swimming carnival in 2018. Please make sure your child is able to put one on by themselves before the swimming program commences.

Thank you
Ken Leslie