Sports Update


Girls Tee-ball did not play
Boys Tee-ball did not play
Boys Softball did not play
Girls Softball did not play
Jnr Cricket lost 164 to 27. Player of the match: Jay
Snr Cricket lost 1/71 to 8/30. Player of the match: Brannavan
Newcombe Ball Junior lost 2- 0. Player of the match: Grace
Newcombe Ball Senior lost 2 – 0 Player of the match: Calleigh
Volleyball lost 3- 0 Player of the match: Hanna

Round 2 of Summer PSSA will be held this coming Friday, 23rd of February. All draws and dates can be found on

A special mention to our four Eastwood Public students who participated in trials to represent the Ryde district in Tennis. All students performed to the best of their ability and Eastwood was able to have Eva and Marcus qualify for the next round.

Thank you,
Anthony Koumz

Zone Swimming

The annual Ryde Zone Swimming Carnival will be held on Tuesday 6th March at Ryde Aquatic Centre. Students in the team will be informed and issued with permission notes within the next 2 weeks. 

Thank you
Ken Leslie

Online Ordering for PSSA

If your child currently orders lunch online and they will be participating in PSSA sport this year, please create a second profile on QKR, your online ordering system. As you cannot use the same name for your second profile you will need to change it just a little, eg. Jane or John will now become JanePSSA or JohnPSSA. Then complete your order as normal.

When ordering Monday to Thursday, please use your first profile only. Use your PSSA profile when ordering on Fridays if your child is going to PSSA sport. This should guarantee their lunch will be ready in time for them to catch the bus to sport. 

If you have any queries please come to the canteen so we can help you.