Problem solving

Problem solving activities in Year 4If your child comes home and says they have been playing games in class, they probably have! Its all about problem solving. Lena and Lani in Year 4 had a particularly challenging problem to sort out with different types of chocolates.

Piano Plus

The Piano Plus was another wonderful display of musical talent from Eastwood. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 performed a variety of acts. The outstanding performances will be on-show again at various end of year activities.

  • Kanon, Justine, Christie and Stella will performan at the end of year concert on Thursday 24th November.
  • Angela, Katrina, Marcos and Samantha will perform at the Stage 2 Presentation Day on the 8th December.
  • Kanon and Daryl at the Stage 3 Presentation Day on the 8th December.
  • Julie, Justine, Jeffrey, Kanon and Senon at the K-2 Presentation Day on 6th December.
  • Jessie, Daryl, Edwin, Eva and Emma will perform at the Carols Breakfast on the 9th December.

Lego Robotics

The Eastwood Lego Robotics teams went to Baulkham Hills North Public School to participate in the First Lego League Robotics Tournament on the 10th November. The theme for this year’s challenge is Animal Allies. Our Eastwood teams competed against other 18 teams (Even High Schoolers!)

The tournament consisted of robot programming challenge, project presentations, Core Value Judging (teamwork skills) and Robot Design (how well the robot was programmed). The project presentations had to prepare a presentation about an animal that included a problem in which they had to find a solution to save the animal that they chose. Then they had to present it to the judges. Eastwood team 1 (Beauty and the Bees) came second in the Robot Challenge.

Our highlights were watching the robots execute missions on the mat. This was the robot programming challenge. The goal of the robot programming challenge was to do as many missions as they could with their robots within the two and a half minutes’ limit.

Bennalong Cup

Four of students represented Eastwood Public School at the Bennelong Table Tennis Cup last week. These students faced tough opposition from a large number of schools from the Bennelong area in both singles and doubles matches. Congratulations goes to all the students for their exemplary attitude and fantastic behaviour on the day. The boys finished just outside the medals with a 4th place, whilst the girls finished 2nd. These are fantastic results considering the number of schools in the competition as well as the quality of opposition this year. Well done to all the students involved. You can be very proud of your efforts and the way you represented Eastwood Public school.

Bennalong Cup 2016Bennalong Cup 2016

School Disco

Thanks to the P&C, everyone from Kinder to Year 6 had lots of fun, singing and dancing on Saturday night at the school disco.

School disco School disco