Year 3 assembly

Today Year 3 held their annual K-6 assembly for our enjoyment. A special item was performed by the Senior Choir, but the main stars of the assembly were Year 3 and there phenomenal recorder playing. They thoroughly engaged us with a medley of popular songs such as Mary had a Little Lamb and Old McDonald had a Farm.

Thanks Year 3 for entertaining us with your wonderful assembly.

By Jasmine

Tornadoes in a bottle

As part of the unit on weather Stage 3 has been investigating, they made tornadoes in a bottle. Ask them about what they did and how it works?

Crusher Vehicle

2H was given an assignment to build a vehicle that could possibly be in 100 years time. There were many excellent vehicles that the class had made but today, we would like to talk about Caleb’s ‘Crusher Vehicle.’

When Caleb found out about the assignment for news, Caleb asked his family members for suggestions. They drew a draft and laid out the materials. Then, they just built it in an afternoon. The ‘Crusher Vehicle’ was made out of mostly; foam, toy truck wheel, toilet rolls, paddle pop stick, sky screen-net, plastic strings, paper, skewers, and finished off with ‘sparkly ‘decoration stickers.

Caleb also told us the features of the ‘Crusher Vehicle.’ The vehicle could go on land, air, under water and space. It could also go through swamps and rivers. Caleb was very proud of his future ‘Crusher Vehicle’.

By Sylvia and Jennifer

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Field events

On Monday the Athletics carnival field events continued at school since we didn’t have enough time at the park. There was High jump, Shot put and Discus.

During the day people from different age groups went out of class to different events. High jump was held under the cola.   Many people had lots of attempts to jump over the bar. the pole was raised, eventually it reached more than 1m20 But people still got over it. Shot put and Discus was held on the grass area. The Shot put it was really hard. The Shot is so heavy it takes all your strength to throw it.  In Discus some people could throw it a long way but it’s harder than it looks.

In conclusion everything was very fun and challenging and I can’t wait until next year.


Today 2L was investigating how air and gravity affected falling of objects. 

2L made ‘helicopters’ out of paper to test this. They knew that their objects would not fall like rocks as they were relatively light. They dropped them from different heights and watched them gradually fall. They then modified their helicopters to see what would make them fall faster or slower. Some made changes like adding a paper clip and others curved the wings.

Leon and Tim P.


On Friday Year One had a visit from Eastwood Fire Station.

The firemen showed Year One the equipment and the purpose. The fire fighters even demonstrated what a blast from their fire hose could do. Every student then was lucky enough to actually sit inside the fire truck. Students were told about the firemen’s main jobs – putting out fires, rescuing animals and people, removing hazmat (hazardous material) and providing education to students. The firemen then talked about how to call 000 if there was a fire and if there was a fire to stop, drop, cover and roll.

Finally Year One were allowed to ask questions. They had lots and lots of questions

Leon and Tim P.

Traditional Korean game

Today Year 6 learnt about traditional Korean games. We played a game that involved kicking a sparkly shuttle cock as many times as possible until the shuttle cock hits the ground. It was more difficult than you think. We got into teams and played against each other, no team won but we still had a great time. Thanks Ms Yeom.

Written by Alicia and Jasmine

Play Dough Circuits

Year 4 has been learning about electric circuits.

 To experiment with electric circuits they made two animals from play dough and stuck light emitting diodes (LED) lights in them. They connected a battery and WALLAH!!! They lit up. They tried this with salt play dough and sugar play dough, to see what happened. They discovered that salt play dough conducts electricity while sugar play dough doesn’t. They also discovered that they could put in nine LED lights before the lights didn’t shine anymore. They conducted another experiment to find out whether stretching and squishing play dough contorted sound. They discovered that stretching the play dough made the sound higher whereas squishing the play dough made the sound lower.

Year 4 had lots of fun exploring the world of electricity.

Athletics Carnival

Last Thursday Years 3-6 and some Year 2s went to our annual Athletics Carnival at the Chatswood Rotary War Memorial Field.

There were 100, 200 and 800 metre races and a relay races. There was also a fun carnival where each grade were able to have some unusual races like skipping and sack racing. We also had tug-o-war.  There was field events as well, such as the long jump. The other field events like, high jump, discuss and shot put will be held back at school.
Congratulations to the students who made it to Zone.

A special thanks to Ms Dundas for organising a wonderful Carnival.

By Jessica

Zeeko comes to visit

On Tuesday Eastwood students were lucky enough to have Zeeko play for them in this year’s Musica Viva.

Jess, David and Jess played 5 songs they had written with unusual instruments like the water phone and the glass bottles. They told us a bit about the instruments and how they made a particular sound. Before and in between the songs they would tell us a bit about the song.Sometimes they gave us a job like singing along at a certain part.

Thank you to Miss Brown for organizing the Zeeko to . It  was spectacular and Eastwood students had a fantastic time.

Reported by Hannah