Traditional Korean game

Today Year 6 learnt about traditional Korean games. We played a game that involved kicking a sparkly shuttle cock as many times as possible until the shuttle cock hits the ground. It was more difficult than you think. We got into teams and played against each other, no team won but we still had a great time. Thanks Ms Yeom.

Written by Alicia and Jasmine

Play Dough Circuits

Year 4 has been learning about electric circuits.

 To experiment with electric circuits they made two animals from play dough and stuck light emitting diodes (LED) lights in them. They connected a battery and WALLAH!!! They lit up. They tried this with salt play dough and sugar play dough, to see what happened. They discovered that salt play dough conducts electricity while sugar play dough doesn’t. They also discovered that they could put in nine LED lights before the lights didn’t shine anymore. They conducted another experiment to find out whether stretching and squishing play dough contorted sound. They discovered that stretching the play dough made the sound higher whereas squishing the play dough made the sound lower.

Year 4 had lots of fun exploring the world of electricity.

Athletics Carnival

Last Thursday Years 3-6 and some Year 2s went to our annual Athletics Carnival at the Chatswood Rotary War Memorial Field.

There were 100, 200 and 800 metre races and a relay races. There was also a fun carnival where each grade were able to have some unusual races like skipping and sack racing. We also had tug-o-war.  There was field events as well, such as the long jump. The other field events like, high jump, discuss and shot put will be held back at school.
Congratulations to the students who made it to Zone.

A special thanks to Ms Dundas for organising a wonderful Carnival.

By Jessica

Zeeko comes to visit

On Tuesday Eastwood students were lucky enough to have Zeeko play for them in this year’s Musica Viva.

Jess, David and Jess played 5 songs they had written with unusual instruments like the water phone and the glass bottles. They told us a bit about the instruments and how they made a particular sound. Before and in between the songs they would tell us a bit about the song.Sometimes they gave us a job like singing along at a certain part.

Thank you to Miss Brown for organizing the Zeeko to . It  was spectacular and Eastwood students had a fantastic time.

Reported by Hannah

Eastwood Eagles

On Tuesday the Eastwood Eagles had their very first debate against the Ermington As. Nina, Leon, Milly and Jessie were on the affirmative team and had to prove to 4G and the adjudicator that Homework Should Include Watching TV Every Night. We had one hour of preparation before we participated in the debate. Both teams did very, very well but in the end the Eagles had to be satisfied with a close second. We would like to thank Mrs Georges who kindly dedicates two of her lunches to making sure we are very well prepared. Watch out everyone, the eagles are ready to hunt down more prey!!! 

Triple Transporter

Nirosh from 2H and his father made an imaginary future vehicle called the Triple Transporter or T.T for short. It can travel in water, land and air. They used lots of Styrofoam, nails, paint, sticky tape and parts of old toys. This machine is able to carry eight people and small goods. This new model has all the basic safety features like seat belts, air bags and a child lock. It even has a fire extinguisher and an oxygen mask. The T.T is operated by solar power and electricity.

New Books

Thanks to the P&C who donated money for us to buy new books, our school library now has a wide range of new books from the enjoyable series of Geronimo Stilton to all the new books Year 6 saw at the Sydney Writer’s Festival such as Trouble twisters and the fantastic trilogy by Richard Newsome. Now our library is even more interesting, not like it wasn’t before!!!

Another Audition for “The Real Story of Red Riding Hood”

Year 6 is still busily trying hard and auditioning for the musical “The Real Story of Red Riding Hood” performed next term. The auditions were for the stage manager, the woodcutter, and Red Riding Hood’s mother. The fabulous Year 6 children came and read part of the script in their best voice. They were perfect and enthusiastic. They also tried their best. Everyone deserved to make it in. Everyone had a marvellous time.

Chinese Eisteddfod

Last week Eastwood kids went into the Chinese Eisteddfod. The Chinese Eisteddfod is a competition where kids who know or have learnt Chinese, learn a poem and then recite it in front of judges. They can do this in a group or individually. 

There are two categories -one is the Juniors and the other is the Intermediate group. The Non-native Juniors, the native Juniors and the Intermediate won. But Eastwood didn’t stop there, 15 individuals won a medal!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Chinese Eisteddfod. A specials to Mrs Leung and Mrs Cheung.

Written by  Hannah

Jump Rope

On Tuesday we had a skipping demonstration from the Jump Rope for Heart team. We were enthralled by the many different skipping tricks they performed such as the rainbow, double under and the pretzel. It’s inspired many students to raise money for the jump off date on June 15th where the money will be raised  for the heart foundation. We’ll be looking for many fantastic skippers at the jump off showing us their fancy moves new and old.

Reported by Timothy