Eastwood PS tennis stars

Congratulations to Chloe, Marcus and Joshua who won the trophy in their division competition for 2017 Term 3 held by Eastwood-Thornleigh District Tennis Association Inc (ETDTA). Congratulations to our tennis stars.

Eastwood PS Tennis Stars Eastwood PS Tennis Stars

Moon Festival lanterns

Moon Festival lanternsThe Management of Eastwood Arcade would like to sincerely thank the following Year 5 students from Eastwood Public School for their time and effort in making some colourful lanterns for display in our Arcade during the Moon Festival, 2017.

Spring Fair thank you

Spring Fair Thank YouEach year the Spring Fair can only happen with a large number of volunteers. Thank you to every person who worked to make 2017 another fantastic Spring Fair day. Many families make the effort to take up the position of stall coordinator or one of the executive roles, working behind the scenes and coordinating our volunteers.

Over the past 3 years, we have been very lucky to have Shilpa and Atul as our Spring Fair conveners. They are ultimately responsible for ensuring everything comes together. Unfortunately, they will be moving on next year as their son transitions to high-school. We have been so lucky to have them this past 3 years. I would like to personally thank them on behalf of the school community for the many hours of work they put in, starting at around May each year.
If you would like to continue the good work of Spring Fair and assist the P&C, we are a group of parents who meet in the school staffroom once a month with a goal of supporting the school and improving the learning experience for our children. Next P&C meeting is on 7:30pm Wednesday 20th of September. We would love to see you there.