Sun Safety

Be Sun SafeDear Parents and guardians,

We would like to inform you about sun safety. Australia is unusually hotter this year and certainly hotter than most countries in the world. Therefore, your children need to be protected. This means children need to take care of their skin. We have a high incident of skin cancer in Australia and it is fatal. Tanned skin may look healthy but it really isn’t, it is extremely dangerous. Sunburn hurts and moles are unsightly and can become malignant, they may even spread into vital organs. Approximately 13 941 people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year and 3.9% die! Two out of 3 Australians are likely to develop skin cancer by the age of 70.

As students of Eastwood Public School, we urge you to talk to your children about protecting their skin, use sunscreen on your children in the morning and pack a healthy lunch and sunscreen in their bags. Encourage your children to use it at lunch time before they go out to play. Make sure your children have their hats on and they are aware that it is for their own good.

Thank you

Rooley and Behafarid
6G Students

Bennelong Cup

Last week students from Eastwood represented the school in the Bennelong Cup. It was a fun and exciting experience for all participants. The students were a credit to the school with their effort, behaviour and sportsmanship.

Eastwood PS at the Bennelong Cup Eastwood PS at the Bennelong Cup

Class 1B

Some of the fantastic work being accomplished by the students in Class 1B.

Students from 1B

Kinder excursion cancelled

The excursion planned for KS KW KH to the Field of Mars on Friday 20th October has been cancelled due to poor weather forecasts. Information notes will be in the students bags.

Bandanna day

bandanna dayThis October, Eastwood Public School will be taking part in National Bandanna Day to make a difference to the lives of young Aussies impacted by cancer. Please remember to send $5 to school with your child on Friday 20th October so that they can take part and help support this great cause!

Eastwood PS tennis stars

Congratulations to Chloe, Marcus and Joshua who won the trophy in their division competition for 2017 Term 3 held by Eastwood-Thornleigh District Tennis Association Inc (ETDTA). Congratulations to our tennis stars.

Eastwood PS Tennis Stars Eastwood PS Tennis Stars

Moon Festival lanterns

Moon Festival lanternsThe Management of Eastwood Arcade would like to sincerely thank the following Year 5 students from Eastwood Public School for their time and effort in making some colourful lanterns for display in our Arcade during the Moon Festival, 2017.