Kids Giving Back programDuring Term 4, Stage Three have been working to promote consideration, kindness and respect for others. One of our students Xin Hu became so inspired he also volunteered to assist with the Kids Giving Back program. ( 19 team members cooked 120 meals at the community kitchen in Bondi called Our Big Kitchen. They then delivered the meals to Rough Edges in Darlinghurst, a free café which provides respite for homeless people. The team also spent time chatting with clients. This is so impressive, well done Xin Hu.

Year 6 Farewell

Year 6 FarewellParents and families are invited to the Year 6 Graduation and Farewell on Monday 11th December. The evening commences at 6:00pm with a formal presentation to students by their class teacher and concludes with the cutting of the cake. After this ceremony parents will be asked to leave so the students can have their dinner and dance.
Parents are invited back to the evening events at 8:45pm for an opportunity to dance with your child as a finale to their Year 6 journey here at Eastwood.

The evening will conclude at 9pm.

School Chess Championships

Sydney Academy of Chess – School Chess Championship
On Wednesday 13th December, Sydney Academy of Chess will be running a tournament for students in Years 2 to 6, which will be run as a Swiss, with approximately 7 games. This means that all children play in all the rounds and no one is knocked out. There will be trophies awarded for the highest 3 scorers, and medals presented as age prizes. Each child playing will also receive a participation certificate. For details on how to enter, please click here.

Live Streaming: End of Year Concert

EOY RehearsalWe are going to try to live stream the End of Year Concert on the Internet. The quality made not be wonderful at this stage but we need to learn more about the possibilities of using of the technology.

You can join the event from 6:50pm this evening. If you are interested in joining the live stream, you will need to install some free software.

Please use the instructions below. They will assist you install the software and connect to the live stream event.

Sun Safety Stop Motion

Class IH have been learning about sun safety through 


Generating Ideas

Generating Ideas




Sharing Ideas

Sharing Ideas

Story Maps

Story Maps

Working Cooperatively

Working Cooperatively



And the final product!


Kite forces

There are many forces acting on a kite to keep it in the air. These forces are lift, drag, gravity and tension.
Lift is created when the wind pushes and overcomes the force of gravity. This pressure pushes the kite higher into the air. When the lift force is greater than the force of gravity, the kite will continue to climb higher and higher. When the force of gravity is stronger than lift, then the kite will start being pulled down to the ground. When the lift force and gravity force is equal, the kite will stay static in the air.

Drag is the force pushing the kite backwards. This force is created by the wind and is pulling the kite backwards. But at the same time, there is force against the drag force. This force is caused tension. Tension pulls the rope towards you or the thing the rope is tied to.

written by Justine

Robotics Report

On the 9th of November the EPS Robotics teams went to Baulkham Hills North Public School to attend the First Lego League competition. The Robotics teams learned many different skills including teamwork, never give up, gracious professionalism and try our very best. Everyone enjoyed their time at Baulkham Hills North Public School and we look forward to the next robotics competition next year. Our robotics team 1 placed 10th out of 27 and team 2 placed 13th out of 27 on their robots table challenge. The project research team on hydro dynamics did very well too.

“I learned that teamwork and hard work are the key to success.” Amaaya Chowdhury 5G

“I learned that teamwork is important in every situation.” Chloe Liang-Benn 5L

“I learned that it is important to be a team and to have fun.” James Chi 5/6S

We wanted to thank Branden Tse’s mum for joining us, helping and supporting us.

By Chloe and Elijah

Christmas Card Competition

These are the school’s entries to this year’s Bennelong Christmas Card Competition, where the winning designs will feature on John Alexander’s Christmas cards. The art works, attached were chosen for their colour, design and uniqueness. We had many entries but could only choose a small number to submit to the competition. We hope you enjoy them as much as our students enjoyed creating them.

Sun Safety

Be Sun SafeDear Parents and guardians,

We would like to inform you about sun safety. Australia is unusually hotter this year and certainly hotter than most countries in the world. Therefore, your children need to be protected. This means children need to take care of their skin. We have a high incident of skin cancer in Australia and it is fatal. Tanned skin may look healthy but it really isn’t, it is extremely dangerous. Sunburn hurts and moles are unsightly and can become malignant, they may even spread into vital organs. Approximately 13 941 people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year and 3.9% die! Two out of 3 Australians are likely to develop skin cancer by the age of 70.

As students of Eastwood Public School, we urge you to talk to your children about protecting their skin, use sunscreen on your children in the morning and pack a healthy lunch and sunscreen in their bags. Encourage your children to use it at lunch time before they go out to play. Make sure your children have their hats on and they are aware that it is for their own good.

Thank you

Rooley and Behafarid
6G Students