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Unique packaging

Unique Korean PackagesDuring Korean language lesson, the students were asked to make a unique package for a food item. The details on the packages written in Korean include nutritional details, a company logo, name of the product and product details.


Election Day School BBQ – Helpers Wanted

BBQ TimeOur school P&C will be holding a BBQ on Election Day Saturday July 2nd. We are looking for parents to help on the day. We are hoping to go from morning until just after lunch time.

If you are available please contact me at or on 0478 944 694 and let me know what time you are available.

We will be selling coffee, BBQ food and cakes on the day to raise funds for the school. We need as many helpers as we can get.

I hope to see you there!


Athletics carnival


Movie night

Movie night at EastwoodDespite the weather, the movie night was a great success, with the hall packed with Eastwood families. The event was sponsored by the Eastwood Family Social Committee and supported by many parents who came along to help at the door and in the canteen.


Uniform shop

Uniform ShopUniform Shop will be open Tuesday 7th June for fittings and sales. To avoid queues on Fitting Day or to order between Fitting Days, please use QKR or put an order form at the school office (cash or card details included). All requests for secondhand or exchanges can be emailed between Fitting Days.


Sydney Writer’s Festival

Writers festivalOn Monday, 16th of May, Year 6 attended the Sydney Writer’s Festival at the Riverside Theatre. Felice Arena was the MC. We listened to Jon Klassen-author of the ‘This is not my hat’ series. He explained how we were supposed to write an amazing book series and we had lots of fun! Liz Pichon was the next author who entertained us. She is the author of the Tom Gates series. Tohby Riddle was the 3rd author we saw. Tohby is a fantastic author and illustrator who is also the editor of The School Magazine. Finally, we watched Judith Rossell and learnt lots about the Victorian era. Year 6 had lots of fun and really enjoyed the day!

By Jessica & Kerine 6G


Concert band performance

Concert BandCongratulations to the Concert Band on their wonderful performance at the Ryde East Musical Festival.


Korean jewellery

Korean JewelleryThe students in the Korean class not only learning the language, they also learn about the culture and the traditional skills. These students have created jewellery using paper folding techniques.


Zone cross country

Zone Cross Country TeamCongratulations to our zone cross country team. It take a tremendous amount of effort to run 2km or 3km and everyone one of our students crossed the finish line a winner.  Special thanks to the P&C for the treats at the end of the race.


Night and day

Explaining concepts of night and dayYear 4 students have been learning about the rotation of the Earth, the causes of night and day and the seasons. Sydney, Yeji and Claire were able to use their model to clearly explain these concepts.