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Thanks Ezbox Sports Eastwood

Thank you Ezbox Sports

The students would like to thank Ezbox Sports, Eastwood for their generous donation to the school of Yonex badminton racquets, shuttlecocks and nets. The students will be eager to try the new equipment in the upcoming badminton tournament to be held at school.


Movie night

Family Social Club is organising a movie night for the school on Saturday 4th June 2016.

  • What are we watching: MINIONS!!!!
  • Who is invited: Eastwood Public School Families
  • What to Bring: Picnic Rug, water and blankets
  • Time: 5:30p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
  • Where: The school hall
  • Cost: Gold coin entry fee per person
  • On sale: Pizza by the slice, drinks and chips.
  • RSVP: Monday, 30th May, 2016 (return the form RSVP form)

Class Lists

Family Social Club class list

The Family Social Club is still collecting names for the Class lists. In the past parents have found the Class Lists to be extremely useful. If you would like to add your details to the class lists, please use the link below to an online form. Children’s names will only be printed on the class lists with their parent’s permission.

If you have any concerns or questions with regards to the 2016 class lists please contact Winnie Cheung at

Annual School Report 2015

Annual School Report

The Annual School Report for 2015 is a record of the school’s self-evaluation process. It is conducted annually and is part of the ongoing cycle of school planning and evaluation. The Annual School Report provides information to the school community on the performance of the school in national and state testing programs. It also provides information about the context in which that information should be considered. A copy of the 2015 Report available for download.

Recent Articles


Zone cross country

Zone Cross Country TeamCongratulations to our zone cross country team. It take a tremendous amount of effort to run 2km or 3km and everyone one of our students crossed the finish line a winner.  Special thanks to the P&C for the treats at the end of the race.


Night and day

Explaining concepts of night and dayYear 4 students have been learning about the rotation of the Earth, the causes of night and day and the seasons. Sydney, Yeji and Claire were able to use their model to clearly explain these concepts.


ANZAC Celebrations


Badminton Championships

The school Badminton Championships are decided by a series of boys and girls matches, usually held at lunch times. The two students with the most wins, then play each other to decide the champions. Sometimes, the teachers have to get in on the fun.


School Road Safety Program

The Wheelchair Sports NSW School Roads Safety and Wheelchair Basketball Program has just been to school. The program comprises of a 20 minute talk on road safety and the consequences of taking risks on the road, given by the road safety team who have unfortunately experienced these consequences first hand. It is followed by a game of wheelchair basketball with the students, to give them a taste of wheelchair sport plus an idea of what it is like to be in a wheelchair, if only for a short time.


A message to bullies by Year 4

Our Year 4 students would like to tell all bullies, they don’t like their behaviour and they are going stand up to them. To get their message across, these students created their own video.


Cross Country 2016

Another successful cross country was held at Meadowbank. The course had to be modified due to the work along the foreshore but the runners adapted easily. The unseasonal hot weather was the major challenge.


Year 5 performances


Thank you KS

What a lovely surprise from KS who made our Principal a beautiful hat to wear at the Easter Hat Parade. Thanks KS for the Easter Hat


Swimming success

Zone Swimming TeamCongratulations of our swimming team. Ryde PSSA Zone Champions. Fantastic!